Lil Wayne Explains Love Of Skateboarding, Says “Music Is In Trouble”

Lil Wayne Explains Love Of Skateboarding, Says "Music Is In Trouble"

In the second webisode of his “DEWeezy” series, Lil Wayne details his infatuation with skateboarding.

In the past year, one of Lil Wayne’s most publicized past times has been skateboarding.

In the second webisode of his Mountain Dew series “DEWeezy,” Lil Wayne spoke on the hobby, and how it is a private experience for him.

“You can ask anyone around here,” said Wayne. “Does Wayne let anyone come to skate with him? They’ll tell you ‘No.'”

Wayne continued, explaining his drive to master the art of skateboarding. “I don’t know. It’s just something about conquering the whole idea of something difficult as riding a skateboard.”

“That’s what so great about skating to me. It’s about challenge,” added Wayne, who injured himself earlier this year skating. “It’s about a physical challenge and mental. It’s about a challenge in front of you that you actually say to yourself, ‘This can’t be done. It can’t be done by me.'”

“I really found a second love. And music is in trouble. Because I’m in love with this skateboarding shit.”

Bow Wow Sued By French Porn Star

A French porn star is suing rapper Bow Wow over allegations he used film footage of her dance moves in his music video without permission.

Celine ‘Katsuni’ Tran claims she appeared as a club dancer in a promo for French band Electronic Conspiracy, but the clips showing her in action were allegedly taken and used in Bow Wow’s video for the remix of his track Drank in My Cup, which was released in April.

Tran has filed suit against the 25 year old and his record label bosses at Universal Music Group for publicity rights violations, unfair business practices, false association and unjust enrichment. She is demanding more than £46,875 in damages.

With a sir name like ‘Tran’ I don’t even know why he thought it was acceptable to put him her in the video in the first place!

I like the song…not sure I can say i’m waiting for the video *LOL*

Lil Wayne & DJ Drama Announce “Dedication 4,” Due In August

The next “Dedication” mixtape is due next month, say Lil Wayne and DJ Drama.

The last entry in Lil Wayne’s heralded Dedication series came out in 2008. Four years later, the long-awaited Dedication 4 is now a reality.

On Sunday (July 22), Lil Wayne confirmed the release of the DJ Drama-hosted project to his fans on Twitter:

“Dedikation 4 komin next month.”

In addition, DJ Drama confirmed the project by retweeting Wayne’s message, as well as discussing it with MTV’s RapFix Live. “Me [and] Cortez [Bryant] had been talkin’ back [and] forth for …[a]bout a year that it was almost time for D4” said the mixtape deejay. “He said Tunechi had been mentioning it and was gearing up. During the Vegas stop on ‘Club Paradise’ tour, Tez told me it was a 100% go.”

“I told him thank god, [because] the fans invade my [T]witter daily asking about it! Dram & Wayne is a dangerous combination. Shout out to the Mixtape Weezy. Get ready.”


Drake Compares “Take Care” To Upcoming Third Album

Drake talks about how “Take Care” reflects his move back to Toronto and how his third project will differ.

Drake recently chopped it up with Billboard to discuss the next leg of his widely successful Club Paradise Tour, which will feature the likes of J. Cole, Waka Focka Flame, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz and French Montana. During the interview, the YMCMB rapper talked about the creation of his sophomore album Take Care.

Drizzy said that he feels that Take Care reflects a lot of the personal turmoil he endured moving back to his native Toronto after he broke through on the US charts. Despite this shift in setting, he said that he’s in a entirely different mindset musically and that his next album is going to push all conceptual boundaries.

“I think my mood will be reflected in the tempos I choose for the music,” he explained. “A lot of Take Care, it’s down…and I think a lot of it had to do with being back in Toronto, getting reacquainted with the life I had before [fame] and difficulties with that, and at the same time trying to express excitement, express joy…I still live in Toronto and love the city,” he said, “but there’s just so much going on for me in the U.S. I recently made the move to L.A. There’s a new atmosphere. I’m getting to know new people…anybody knows that when it’s new, that’s when I thrive. When there’s new things to talk about that’s really when I get off.”

He added, “Now I’m in a very, very, very, very different place than I’ve ever been, really focused on myself, really focused on my health, my body, my mind, really wanting to be the best I can possibly be…I’m in a different mindset now that I’m very proud of…it’s going to be a very interesting album – probably, to be honest with you, conceptually one of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on, just ’cause there’s so many new things going on in my life.”

Ok ok enough with the talk…give us the music fam!

Lil Wayne’s Entourage Accused Of Attacking Photographer

Lil Wayne’s crew reportedly attacked a photographer in Miami, Florida.

Lil Wayne’s entourage has been accused of attacking a photographer last week in Miami, Florida.

According to TMZ, the photographer filed a police report claiming that he was pushed to the ground in the rain by the crew and that they also trashed his bicycle.

It all began when the photographer spotted Weezy and co. skateboarding outside of a church in a zone prohibiting skateboarding. After taking a few flicks, the photog says that they packed up after it began to rain. He followed them to their car while taking pictures, but Wayne ordered his collective to take the man’s camera. Eight men surrounded him and intimidated him into deleting several pics.

One of Wayne’s associates then spat on him and another pushed him to the ground. The crew also beat up his bicycle with a skateboard. After escaping, the photographer went to the Miami Beach Police Station and filed the report.

Oh dear!

Nicki Minaj: ‘Beez In The Trap’ Tribute To Strippers’

Nicki Minaj says that the music video for ‘Beez In The Trap’ was made as a homage to her stripper fans.

The Young Money princess released the visuals for the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded single over the weekend, and sees her flashing wads of cash wearing little clothing, surrounded by lapdancers in a club.

Speaking about the treatment for the video, Nicki told MTV News: “When I was doing my mixtapes, I would perform in strip clubs, I would perform in clubs and it was just like some of my most die-hard fans would be in these places.”

“I wanted to kinda like honour them – kinda honour all my girls in the club and just say, ‘Thank you for the support’. When I see the strippers and all of that, they always show me love, so I wanted to kinda make a video around them.”

Congrats on the number #1 Nicki!

What are your thoughts on the music video?