Lil Wayne Replies To Pitbull’s “Harlem Shake” Diss


Lil Wayne takes to Twitter to address Pitbull’s diss track aimed in his direction.

After Lil Wayne made some flammable comments about Miami Heat and claimed he “fucked Chris Bosh’s wife,” several took offense to his statements including Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, Trick Daddy and Pitbull, the latter of whom dropped a diss record “Harlem Shake (Welcome 2 Dade County).”

Now, Weezy has broken his silence on the diss, taking to Twitter to post a simple message that responds to the verbal attack. “Dam pit bull bro I thought u was kool,” he wrote earlier this morning.

Pitbull responded, writing, “I am cool papo but imagine me shitting on anything new orleans which I was just there for super bowl the big easy I loved it. the world shows me love and vice versa but miami is all I got no disrespect just the truth”

On his freestyle over Baauer’s “Harlem Shake,” Pitbull puts Wayne and his associates in the crosshairs, berating him for disrespecting his hometown’s team. “You got money, yeah that’s sweet / But we all know Slim and Baby really eat / You talk Miami, yes you talkin’ Heat / Moral of the story, don’t shit where you eat,” he raps.

Wayne, who is currently prepping the release of his upcoming album I Am Not a Human Being II, initially made the comments during a tirade at an NBA All-Star Weekend appearance. He later clarifiedthat he meant no disrespect to LeBron James, who he mentioned in the rant, but maintained his disses towards everyone else including Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

The YMCMB chief then apologized to Miami, Florida for any disrespect its citizens may have felt. “I really want to get out there is that I do apologize for the misunderstanding to the city of Miami,” he said. “I love everyone here, it’s just I’m passionate about sports and I felt very disrespected, that’s all. I felt very, very disrespected.”

Come on guy’s…kiss and make up already!

Pitbull Countersues Lindsay Lohan Over Song Lyrics *ROTFL*

Rapper Pitbull is countersuing Lindsay Lohan over a defamation lawsuit she filed against him, insisting his reference to her legal problems in the lyrics of hit single Give Me Everything is justified considering her recent multiple jail stints.

In the suit, filed in August, the Mean Girls star accused Pitbull of exploiting her name in the tune, in which he rhymes, “Hustlers move aside, so I’m tiptoeing, keep flowin’/I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.”

The actress took offence to the lyrics, claiming they were defamatory and destined to cause irreparable harm, and she filed legal documents in New York State court, seeking an injunction to stop the broadcast of the track, which was co-written by Ne-Yo.

Pitbull subsequently apologised to Lohan, stating he didn’t mean to “defamate (sic), degrade or hurt” the star’s career.

However, he has now filed a countersuit blaming Lohan for damaging her own reputation and highlights the embattled actress’ recent run-ins with the law, including a 30-day jail sentence for a probation violation – her second offence this year.

Pitbull is also questioning whether Lohan is eligible to file papers in New York – claiming she was a resident of Nassau County – when she has been spending most of her time in California, where she has been serving probation and fighting her latest troubles.

His countersuit states, “In light of Ms. Lohan’s continuing obligations to the State of California, as well as the foregoing facts, Ms. Lohan is a citizen of California, not New York.”

Lohan checked into Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California on Sunday night and served less than five hours behind bars for the probation violation before being released early on Monday morning. The sentence was handed down to the star last week after she failed to adhere to the rules of her community service.

Lohan has been attempting to repair her image and reputation following a string of legal woes over the past two years, which included a stint in rehab and a house arrest at her Venice, California property.

Ok so you try sue me…I’ll sue you back! LMAO

Pitbull Ft. Marc Anthony – Rain Over Me (Official Video)

This Marc Anthony guy is very talented isn’t he?! I didn’t even know he could sing! I First discovered him from the film ‘Man On Fire’ and next thing he’s singing a big hook on a smash for one of the biggest artist’s on the planet right now…’Pitbull’! I think only Pitbull could pull off a dress code like that for a video like this! *Smh*