CONRAD MURRAY To Take the 5th In Katherine Jackson Suit


Sounds a little weird, but Conrad Murray — who has already been convicted and serving time for killing Michael Jackson — will exercise his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination in Katherine Jackson’s lawsuit against AEG.

Michael’s mom is suing AEG, claiming the company negligently hired and supervised Murray, which resulted in her son’s death.  Katherine has subpoenaed Murray to explain his arrangement with AEG.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ … Murray’s lawyer, Valerie Wass, will file legal docs … arguing she is appealing Murray’s conviction, and if it’s overturned it’s likely he’d be re-tried.  If that happens, what he says could still be used against him, so Wass wants Murray to keep his trap shut.

It’s pretty crazy, since Murray has already served almost a year-and-a-half. By the time his case is appealed, he’ll probably be out to be honest!

Michael Jackson’s Ex Wife Debbie Rowe ‘Concerned’ Over Katherine Jackson Disappearance

Michael Jackson’s ex-wife and mother of his eldest children Prince and Paris, Debbie Rowe, is said to be “concerned” for her children’s well-being as the whereabouts and health of the late star’s 82 year-old mother Katherine Jackson has been called into question.

Katherine, who has full custody of her late son’s three children reportedly went missing over the weekend with Paris Jackson going so far as reporting her missing to police after not speaking to her grandmother for over a week.

TMZ have reported that Katherine has told police that she is fine and with a family member, though no explanation has been made as to why she has not been in touch with her grandchildren. She is believed to be in Arizona with a family member.

With the confusion Debbie is allegedly concerned for her children’s welfare.

A source close to the nurse told RadarOnline: “While Debbie hasn’t been a strong presence in the children’s lives, she loves them tremendously and is concerned for their well being,”

“Debbie is actively monitoring the situation and is extremely concerned for Katherine. She has tremendous respect and love for Katherine and is also concerned for the children and is angry that Paris has been unable to talk to Katherine for the past week.”

It seems that Katherine’s deteriorating health could cause a custody battle over Michael’s three children.

The insider explained: “Debbie and Katherine were able to reach an out of court custody agreement in the months after Michael died. Debbie had no interest in fighting Katherine for custody of the children.

“However, if Katherine has suffered a health setback, this could very easily end up back in court because Debbie has very strong feelings about Michael’s siblings having any role in caring for the children.”

The alleged disappearance and dispute appears to be over Michael Jackson’s will.

Katherine’s children wrote to the late singer’s Estate executors John Branca and John McCalin calling for their resignation, part of the reasoning being that Katherine was “so stressed” by handling the Estate that she had suffered a stroke. Both Paris and Katherine’s reps have denied claims made by Randy, Jermaine, Tito, Rebie and Janet Jackson that their mother had suffered a stroke.

“All I Need Is A F*cking Red Jacket With Some Zippers” Now Available…

Michael Jackson’s brothers and his eldest son Prince have joined forces to release 1,000 replicas of the late singer’s two most famous jackets.

Prince, 14, along with the King of Pop’s siblings Marlon, Tito and Jackie have all signed copies of the red coat Jackson wore for his Beat It video and the iconic red and black Thriller jacket as part of the J5 memorabilia collection.

The limited edition items, which went on sale on on Thursday, are going for £1,469 each and were created in collaboration with designer Marc Laurent.

Speaking at the signing at the end of October, Prince told CNN the jackets will introduce his father’s style “to a new generation” and he would consider wearing them himself to “dress up parties.”

Each jacket has been cut to match Jackson’s measurements, while fans who purchase one of the coats will receive a certificate of authenticity, along with an embroidered Michael Jackson signature.