Justin Timberlake Credits “Suit & Tie” On A Mistake Made By Beyonce, Talks Tour With Jay-Z

Justin Timberlake_03-16-2013

Justin Timberlake says he has “a lot of songs” with Jay-Z, credits the rapper for organizing their upcoming tour.

Fans of Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s popular “Suit & Tie” collab may have Beyonce to thank for the collaboration. During his appearance on BET’s 106 & Parkearlier in the week, Justin revealed that the record came about thanks to a “mistake” made by the songstress.

Justin also shared that he has a number of songs recorded with Jay-Z and hopes eventually they’ll see the light of day.

“Well, ‘Suit & Tie’ really came about – I was with Tim and we were working on some stuff for Beyonce,” said Justin in a video posted on HipHop-n-More.com. “And she made the mistake of letting Jay and I have another room at the studio. So actually, I don’t wanna give too much away, but we’ve done a lot of songs together. Hopefully, those will find a way to see the light of day.”

On top of the pair’s The 20/20 Experience collab, Jay-Z and Justin will also embark on their “Legends Of The Summer” tour later in the year. While speaking on the tour, Justin didn’t hesitate in giving props to Jay-Z for actually implementing an idea that initially seemed like merely a thought.

“Then we just started talking about how much we share a lot of the same producers and what it would be like to do a couple of shows together. And originally it started off as just kind of a novelty type of idea and we were laughing about it,” the crooner explained. “And Jay being the entrepreneurial magician that he is, [it] seemed like the next week…It was like he had a whole list, ‘I have these stadiums we can do if you’re available.’ And I was like, ‘What?’ And then we just started talking about it and then we thought ‘why not?’”

Kanye West Say He Didn’t Physically Write His Lyrics For First Four Albums

Kanye West Say He Didn't Physically Write His Lyrics For First Four Albums

It looks like Kanye West took a cue from Jay-Z by not writing down his lyrics for his first four albums.

It looks like the Throne and “a song with Coldplay” aren’t the only things Kanye West and Jay-Z have in common. Now, in an outtake from Ice-T’s directorial debut The Art of Rap, Yeezy says that he didn’t write down his lyrics for his first four album.

‘Ye said that he didn’t begind actually writing down his lyrics until he began recording his last solo album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. He went on to say that he noticed a major difference in the quality of his lyrics when he began writing them down, as evidenced by his 2010 single “Power.”

“I didn’t write my raps down for my first four albums – like all, I did it from the head straight to the booth,” he said. “But on this last album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, I wrote it because I really put myself in the zone that my life was dependent on the success of this album. With that being the case, I said, ‘You know what? No matter what anybody says about me, I can write something that can make someone that hates me the most have to really respect or love the song.’ So even a song like ‘Power,’ I spent 5,000 hours writing it, and it’s really the psychology behind the lyrics; it’s not just blatantly, ‘I’ve got all the powers’ – [it’s] ‘No one man should have all that power.’ It’s word[ed] it in a really sensitive way that opens it up for everyone.”

Who does write lyrics anymore?

Beyonce Unveils Tumblr With Intimate Jay-Z Photos

Beyonce has finally unveiled her Tumblrpage which features intimate photos of herself, husband Jay-Z and friends and family.

It was revealed earlier this week that the singer was creating a site to share several photos taken throughout her life, in celebration of her and Jay-Z’s fourth wedding anniversary.

The couple are known for being extremely guarded with their personal life, so fans will be shocked to gain an insight into their world.

Earlier today, Bey again shocked fans by writing her first message on her Twitter page:

 “Hey World, It’s B! I’m so excited to invite you to my new beyonce.com – we’ve been working hard, and it’s finally ready for you XO”

How exciting!

Radio 1 Hackney Weekend With Rihanna And Jay-Z Breaks The Internet

Did you register for tickets for the BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend? If so, you may have been one of the thousands of fans left frustrated yesterday when the booking site for free tickets virtually imploded.

Listeners to Radio 1 had registered in advance for the chance to get tickets to the event, which is the biggest Radio 1 has ever staged – think the Big Weekend, but, well, bigger! This year, to celebrate London 2012, Radio 1 are hosting headliners Rihanna and Jay-Z over 23-24 June, along with Florence + The Machine, Ed Sheeran, Jack White, The Maccabees, Will.i.am, Lana del Rey, Plan B and Azealia Banks (Among many, many others). 50,000 tickets were available to book yesterday, but the BBC had slightly (read: massively) underestimated the amount of people attempting to log on!

As the site crashed and blocked users from accessing tickets, hundreds of people took to Twitter and Facebook to rant at Radio 1. The hashtag #hackneyweekend was swamped with fans who were mighty ticked off at not being able to book their tickets. Radio 1 DJs waded in to try and placate the angry mob but once the site was fixed, there were a lot of happy tweeters celebrating their free weekend of music.

Congratulations to anyone who managed to get tickets to see Rih Rih & Jigga for FREE!

In the words of Tinie Tempah…you #LuckyC*nt


Jay-Z Gets Emotional During Performance Of Blue Ivy Track ‘Glory’

Jay-Z gave an emotional performance last night of his new track ‘Glory,’ recorded especially for his daughter Blue Ivy, during his historic performance at Carnegie Hall.

The hip-hop mogul performed the first of two shows at the prestigious venue in association with his Shawn Carter Foundation. Taking to the stage in a white tuxedo, Jay received a standing ovation before he launched into ‘PSA,’ ‘Thank You’ and ‘Heart of the City,’ accompanied by a 36-piece orchestra.

He was also joined on stage by Alicia Keys for ‘Empire State Of Mind’ and Nas for ‘N.Y. State Of Mind.’

Nas and Alicia also collaborated on ‘If I Ruled The World (Imagine That),’ before Jay gave a performance of heartfelt ‘Glory.’

“I didn’t think I was gonna make it through that one. That was tough,” Hov told the audience of the song he wrote for newborn daughter Blue last month.

Also in attendance was Jay’s wife Beyonce, who looked incredible in a red figure-hugging dress, showing off her post-birth body.

Awwww so sweet!

Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Closed For Food Safety Violations Shortly After Reopening *LMAO*

Hov’s New York City, New York club was shuttered just a day after its grand reopening.

Shortly after the reopening of his 40/40 Club in New York City, New York, Jay-Z is now dealing with the closure of his swanky sports bar.

According to NY Post (via HHW), Hov’s Big Apple franchise has been shut down due to food safety violations. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene issued the bar with 69 violation points, with critical violations including workers not using proper utensils to eliminate bare hand contact with food, insufficient or no refrigerated or hot holding equipment and more.

“If you have a walk-in place with food like this, you put a hell of a lot of people at risk,” an anonymous source said. “A night of dinner and dancing should not include the risk of contracting food-borne illness.”

The 40/40 Club reopened the previous evening (Jan. 18th), with celebrities including Warren Buffett, Swizz Beatz and DJ Khaled appearing to support the event.

No matter how much money you have, make sure your food is CORRECT Hov…you should know this darg! LOL