Wanna learn to Play any song on a Guitar … we found an app for that!

Choose a song, any song from your iTunes Library…. chosen one? Good.

Now the Guitar Vision app from JamOrigin.com will extract the solo from the song and spotlight each note.

Each colour represents where your finger should be on a Guitar Hero style fretboard.

Now go ahead and become a rockstar!!!!

Price: £1.50  and available from iTunes

Do your iPhone photos/videos need improving?? – we found an app for that

Sometimes you may find your images/videos taken using your iPhone are not really up to scratch.

We found ‘an app for that’ 🙂

its called the Camera Awesome. Yeah I know they could have worked on the name a bit, but lets not worry about that. What you need to know is that the app is

  • FREE!
    • Improves your shots
    • Has time travel video mode, which means it pre-records 5seconds before you press record
    • Sharper, faster shots with better exposure
    • includes option to share on instagram

You can download the free app from awesomize.com via iTunes