How To Get 6 Pack Abs…The ACTUAL Way!


Everybody wants to have abs that actually show and look sexy in your mankini, shorts or whatever you’re into and the truth is…you already have a 6 pack it’s just not showing!

Straight away everyone assumes to get abs that show you must do hundreds and hundreds of sit-ups – this is BULLSH*T! Here…let me break it down for you:
Doing hundreds and hundreds of sit-ups/crunches or whatever those stupid ass magazines tell you to do will grow your abs – yes…however you’re NEVER going to see them if you have a layer of FAT covering them! Making your abs bigger without first stripping the fat layer will only push the fat layer further out…get me?
Let me try and explain in layman’s terms…


Now here’s what and what not to do:

  • Do NOT spend hours and hours running on a treadmill unless you’re hoping to see results NEXT year!
  • DO cut down your food portions and eat more frequently i.e scrap the 3 large meals a day and eat around 5-6 (if possible) smaller portions. Also not a bad idea to check the sugar and fat contain in whatever you’re eating (If sugar per 100g’s is more than 10g then AVOID THIS!)
  • DO exercises that get your heart beating fast after a short time i.e Sprinting on the spot with high knees, burpees, star jumps etc. Try and do 3-4 sets of around 30seconds-1minute a time (increase this when you can). These are what they call “After Burn” exercises. These get your heart rate going straight away and burn fat for hours even after you’ve finished exercising!
  • Do NOT eat later than 9pm (This only applies if you’re trying to loose fat) and if you physically can’t do that, try to avoid anything fatty or sweet that will lay on your stomach while you sleep!
  • DO exercise regularly…I’d say 10-15 mins per day of a decent circuit for a few weeks will do the trick! I.E: 30 seconds of sprinting on the spot x 3 resting 1 minute between then burpees for 30 seconds x 3 resting 1 minute between and 1 further exercise like upside down bicycle again for 30 seconds x 3 resting 1 minute in between. Up these to 1 minute plus when you’re able!

Do this for a few weeks (The harder you work the quicker you’ll see results) and once you start to see a little definition around your abdominal area – THAT is when you start your crunches/situps and other abdominal exercises to bulk them up while you carry on the circuits!

Let us know how you get on!

50 Cent To Release Workout Book “Formula 50: A 6-Week Total Body Transformation Plan”

Following the release of “Playground” and “The 50th Law,” Fif will add another book to his resume.

50 Cent has been staying on the entrepreneurial grind, launching his Street King initiative and SMS Audio headphones. Now, he’s once again focusing on his publishing career, announcing the release of his fitness book Formula 50: A 6-Week Total Body Transformation Plan.

According to a press release, the book focuses on metabolic resistance training (MRT), a medium between cardio and muscle building. It also offers nutritional advice and “helps readers develop the mental toughness and motivation to stick with the plan.”

“I am delighted to work with the Penguin Group USA again. I had a strong desire to write this book because is very important to me to help people make positive changes and take charge of their overall health. FORMULA 50 is a radical six week mind-body transformation plan geared to help readers develop mental toughness to achieve optimum results while offering a nutrition component,” said Fif.

Formula 50 is scheduled for release in January 2013 via Avery Books.

Or you can just watch a video here: