What Will You Buy From The Collection?


Customers visiting the Regent Street store or online shopping site set to open on 8th March, won’t find ‘personal stylists’ or be spoon-fed hot new catwalk looks. Instead they’ll be encouraged to shop from the four different collections, and fine-tune their own signature wardrobe, just like the street stylers.

With two different ateliers – one in Paris and one in Stockholm – the Stories designers have come up with wardrobes for you and all your fashionable friends. A fan of femininity? Team a perfect Breton and a well-cut midi to nail that Left Bank Parisian look courtesy of the ‘Poetic & Dandy’ line. Into a more grown-up style with a sports luxe edge? Work a satin bomber and chic flippy skirt from the ‘Sophisticated & Architectural’ story.  Or, if you’re all about Scandi style, you have two collections to choose from. ‘Minimalism and Contradiction’ offers up graphic chic –check out the hot printed suits- while ‘Industrial & Effortless’ is all about tough leathers and androgynous tailoring.

Can’t honestly say i’ll personally be buying any of that gear but i’m sure it’ll be someones cuppa tea!

Cara Delevingne Introduces New Label Cécile


CARA DELEVINGNE has already led the charge in introducing the fashion world to Cécile – a new British label that has launched for spring/summer 2013. The Vogue cover girl stepped out wearing one of the inaugural collection’s slogan T-shirts during Paris Fashion Week, sparking buzz about the origins of the little-known brand.

The founders of the label – a small group of experienced industry experts – wish to remain anonymous so that the focus is always on the collections, rather than the designers, but they admit that endorsement couldn’t come better than from that of fashion’s model-of-the-moment.

“She’s amazing and we are thrilled that she is a fan of the brand,”
one of the Cécile designers told us. “She was someone who was in our minds throughout designing the last collection, so her wearing Cécile is the perfect fit.”

Cécile – named after one of the founders’ grandmothers (“an eccentric artist, who was often seen dressed head-to-toe in animal prints”), – was conceived after the band of creatives decided that there was a gap in the market for a brand that could be worn with a variety of wardrobe pieces.

“We felt that there was a need for the perfect T-shirt to wear under a Celine jacket or the statement sweatshirt with your favourite jeans,” one of the founders said. “We wanted to focus on our very European aesthetic, but keep it super affordable and great quality. Cécile is all about high impact T-shirts that enhance your best basics, high-end or high-street.”

The team, who are based in London, describe the label as “bold, luxe street, French and not too serious with a side of mange tout” – a nod to the label’s playful aesthetic. T-shirts come either bearing bright colourful motifs or witty slogans – such as “Written and directed by Woody Allen”.

“We see it moving with the times,” a spokesperson for the label told us of her hopes for the label. “Right now, we are all feeling vibrant prints and the right kind of slogans, but maybe next year it will soften depending on our mood. There is already a Cécile sensibility, which is a little tongue-in-cheek and that will always be there.”

The collection is available to buy at Liberty.

ProStyle: Powder Room

4 F&F at Tesco. Blazer, £28, top £14, bag £12.50

One Scoop Or Two?

For those that want to indulge in one of this summer’s biggest trends, but aren’t feeling ready to dip their toes into the sea of Aztec and animal prints currently doing the rounds on the high-street, then the new season palette may be just what the doctor ordered. This summer’s cool ice cream shades come in pastel hues of pink, blue and yellow. 

More in this month’s Profyle Magazine out June 20th!

1 Matalan. Vest, £7, hoop drop earrings, £6, coloured skinny jeans, £16.

Words: Maddy McIndoe

How To Look Good In Every Photo (Part 2)

Avoid direct light

It may not always be possible to control the lighting for your photographs and, unless you happen to be a professional model, you most likely won’t have someone on hand to make sure it’s just right. However, it is worth bearing in mind that direct light from above can cast shadows on your face and accentuate the appearance of under-eye shadows. Opt for areas with softer lighting or head to the shade if outdoors.

Pose like a pro

If you’re posing for a full body shot, try the classic celeb pose of turning your body three quarters of the way towards the camera, with one shoulder closer to the camera and one foot in front of the other. This will make you body appear slimmer than if you were facing the camera face on. Try keeping your back straight with your shoulders back and your stomach in (just try not to suck it in too much, you won’t be fooling anyone!).

Master the perfect smile

Many of us focus on our mouths when smiling; however, in the words of supermodel Tyra Banks, it’s all about the “smeyes” (smiling with your eyes). Rather than forcing a grin, think about something that makes you happy for a more natural smile. You may also want to perfect your personal smile to work with your features. For instance, a beaming smile works great for those with good teeth, while a more relaxed half smile will make small eyes appear larger and lips appear fuller.

Practice your pose

If you’re really keen to capture the perfect photo, the best thing you can do is practice beforehand. Experiment with different face and body angles, smiles and facial expressions to find what works for you, either in front of the mirror or with your own camera. Once you have discovered which looks you like best, you are ready to unleash them at every photo opportunity, making sure you look perfect each time.

Photo: Mila Kunis (Actress)

How To Look Good In Every Photo (Part 1)

Look to your right

A US study conducted by Wake Forest University has revealed that the left side of the face is more attractive than the right, apparently due to the fact that this side of the face shows more emotion. To capture the perfect profile picture, look slightly to the right to reveal your ‘best’ side. This can also help to give the illusion of a slimmer face for those with rounder faces.

Choose your makeup carefully

For the perfect photo-ready appearance, make sure you avoid light reflective or mineral foundations containing high amounts of titanium dioxide (a reflective pigment). Although these foundations are great for an everyday luminous look, the flash of a camera can quickly transform your dewy complexion to a ghostly white one as the white light reflects back from the camera. Once you have applied a suitable foundation, finish your look with some face powder to help eliminate shine.

Accentuate your best features

To look your sparkling best in photos, make sure you emphasise your favourite features to make them stand out in your snapshot. Try playing up your eyes with some eyeliner or false lashes. Alternatively, perk up your pout with some bright lipstick. Also, make the most of your best body features with an outfit that complements your shape and colouring.

Look away from the lens

Nobody wants glaring red or half-shut eyes ruining an otherwise great photo, so make sure you avoid this by focusing your eyes just slightly above or below the lens. Looking directly at the lens causes light to flash off the retina, leading to the red eye effect. Looking slightly away from the camera will also reduce the risk of those mid-blink shots.

Avoid “red eye” shots

As “red eye” in photographs is caused by light reflecting off the back of the eye, those with large pupils are more likely to suffer from this pesky problem. If averting your gaze from the camera is not doing the trick, another tip for alleviating the red eye effect is to make sure photos are taken in a well lit environment or to look at a bright light just prior to the photograph being taken to make your pupils smaller.

Banish the double chin

There’s nothing worse than spotting a picture of yourself sporting two chins where you previously only had one, yet sadly this happens to the best of us. To avoid the appearance of a double chin in photographs, make sure that the camera is just above or at your eye level. Also, try tilting your head up and jutting your jaw out slightly – you may want to practice this one first in the mirror to stay looking natural!

Photo: Lauren Bowgen (Model)

Time Magazine’s – All Time 100 Fashion Icons

From models and muses to designers and photographers Time Magazine has picked the 100 most influential fashion icons since 1923, the beginning of TIME … magazine.

The list included designers such as Azzedine Alaïa, Manolo Blahnik, Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen. Models such as Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. Muses – included Princess Diana.


Designers & Brands
Azzedine Alaïa
Giorgio Armani
Cristobal Balenciaga
Manolo Blahnik
Sara Blakely
Pierre Cardin
Jacques Cartier
Hussein Chalayan
Coco Chanel
Christian Dior
Dolce & Gabbana
Tom Ford
Hubert de Givenchy
John Galliano
Jean Paul Gaultier
Jacques Heim and Louis Réard
Rudi Gernreich
Marc Jacobs
Rei Kawakubo
Calvin Klein
René Lacoste
Karl Lagerfeld
Jeanne Lanvin
Ralph Lauren
Christian Louboutin
Alexander McQueen
Issey Miyake
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Jean Patou
Miuccia Prada
Mary Quant
Roy Raymond
Yves Saint Laurent
Jil Sander
Elsa Schiaparelli
Levi Strauss
Tiffany & Co.
Philip Treacy
Gianni Versace
Diane von Furstenberg
Louis Vuitton
Vera Wang
Vivienne Westwood

Gisele Bündchen
Naomi Campbell
Cindy Crawford
Linda Evangelista
Beverly Johnson
Heidi Klum
Kate Moss
Jean Shrimpton


Josephine Baker
Brigitte Bardot
The Beatles
Jane Birkin
David Bowie
James Dean
Farrah Fawcett
Zelda Fitzgerald
Jean Harlow
Audrey Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn
Michael Jackson
Grace Kelly
Lady Gaga
Michelle Obama
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Bettie Page
Princess Diana
Andy Warhol

Richard Avedon
Guy Bourdin
Horst P. Horst
Nick Knight
Annie Leibovitz
Steven Meisel
Martin Munkácsi
Helmut Newton
Irving Penn
Herb Ritts
Mario Testino
Ellen von Unwerth
Bruce Weber

Editors & Stylists
Isabella Blow
Grace Coddington
Patricia Field
Robin Givhan
Edith Head
Eleanor Lambert
Barbara “Babe” Paley
Carine Roitfeld
Franca Sozzani
Liz Tilberis
Diana Vreeland
Anna Wintour

Style & Design
Style & Design